Date Flyer Title Presentation Speaker/Organization Length

30 May 2007

'Systems-of-Systems in our Futures?' Mr Paul Gartz


69 minutes

27 June 2007

'NOAA's Chemical Release model'

Members only Mr Mark Miller

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

38 minutes

25 July 2007

'University of Washington―Autonomous Flight Systems Laboratory (AFSL)'

Members only Prof Rolf Rysdyk

University of Washington

44 minutes

10 October 2007

'The Center for Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS)'

Members only Prof Mark Tuttle

University of Washington

34 minutes
28 May 2008 'The AirLaunch Concept' Members only Dr Ralph Ewig

AirLaunch LLC

52 minutes
9 July 2008 'An introduction to DOORS' Members only Ms Michele Mikalski


41 minutes
23 July 2008 'Principles of Systems Engineering—The Boomerang Effect' Members only Mr Robert Halligan

Project Performance International

79 minutes
29 April 2009 'Development of a sustainable biofuel for aviation'                         Members only Dr Bill Lyons


56 minutes
30 June 2009 'Electric Propulsion for Lunar missions'                         Members only Mr Christian Carpenter


71 minutes
3 August 2009 'UAV Challenge - Outback Rescue'

                                          Members only

Mr David Erdos


34 minutes
28 September 2009 'Systems Engineering - Process and Practice'                          Members only Dr Mahantesh Hiremath

Space Systems Loral

49 minutes